Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting started

As most of the Greek people I love good food and what is more I love cooking for friends and family. Loved it ever since I, secretly from my mom, baked my first apple pie. As I usually say, cooking is the only creative thing that I do. Some people paint, others write songs or make their own jewelery. Well, I cook! The whole idea of transforming the raw materials into delicious creations is rather exciting and the mixes of colors and smells only improve the experience! :)

The idea of my own cooking blog has been around for quite some time now. But as always, there are other, more important things to do (studying, studying, studying with some Belgian beer in between :P) However, after the graduation all those important things disappeared (well apart from the beer of course!) leaving plenty of free time and a bunch of nice recipes that I'd like to share with friends. So, after spending a week on finding the name of the blog (Obrigada, Arturinho!) I think it's time to get started!


Stratis said...

Good luck babe :) Btw, the blog so far looks nice, the template and stuff. Good choice.

Gnomo said...

Katerina, this blog is going to make me drool a lot - 1) out of pride (:p) and 2) out of deliciousness! Look forward to start using it heavily!! :D


pS the double fried egg/tomato/basil/ham and something else plate on the top foto looks great - any recipe for that one? ;P

Sunshine said...

Thank you guys! I'll try to keep posting as much as I can, since I really have a lot of things in mind. However, it takes forever to translate the recipes in English. But I'll do my best!

@Artur: The double fried egg recipe is on it's way! Coming soon!