Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fruit and yogurt Sunday smoothie

It's been a long time! I know! But I'm fine, cooking as always and enjoying life. In fact, probably enjoying life too much, that's why there was no posting for such a long time!

I felt a bit guilty but since I am in a hurry I will post a very simple breakfast recipe that I made for my sister when she was visiting in January. I call it Sunday smoothie! You can go the easy way and mix all the ingredients in a blender or you can do it the pretty way, in colorful layers. There is not much of cooking to be honest, I know it is cheating but I just really like it!


(for 4 glasses)

2 cups plain yogurt
2 tbsp honey
2 large, ripe mangoes
1 cup red berries
2 ripe kiwis
extra berries for garnishing

1. Mix yogurt and honey in a bowl and divide the mix between 4 glasses.
2. Place the mangoes in a blender and process until smooth. Divide between the glasses.
3. Continues with the rest of the fruits, each one separately, making colorful layers, one on top of the other.
4. Garnish with extra honey and berries and serve. Mix well before drinking, otherwise you will end up with plain yogurt on the bottom of your glass! :P

Very simple, yet so beautiful and yummy! Other variations include bananas, pineapples, mellon, pears or any other soft fruit.


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